Battling Lymphoma, One Day At A Time

Lymphoma Philippines is a non-profit organization for Lymphoma patients, survivors, and caregivers, and we aim to disseminate medically-approved Lymphoma-related  campaigns in the Philippines. It was founded to help Filipino Lymphoma patients and their loved ones on their journey.

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Why do we advocate for Lymphoma in the Philippines?

Lymphoma is one of the top 15 cancers in the Philippines. It's considered to be a treatable form of cancer if detected early.
We created a community of Filipino Lymphoma patients, along with their family members, to provide useful information and support for those in need.
Sources: WHO,, NHS, Healthline, WebMD

In the Philippines, Lymphoma patients often face these challenges:

No access to healthcare

No financial means

Communication gap with healthcare providers

No access to Basic Information


Patient FAQs

What is Lymphoma?

Know more about its signs and symptoms, kinds, subtypes, treatment regimen, and more. In this section, we've listed down the most credible information to help lymphoma patients and their loved ones understand the disease.

How do I finance my treatment?

Financing the treatment is the biggest challenge for Filipino patients nationwide. From government funding, NGOs, to individual fundraising, here are some of the steps to ensure financial support for your treatment.

I feel anxious. How do I move forward?

Know that you're not alone. We've gathered some helpful tips from around the Philippines -- including patients, patients' family members, caregivers, and doctors -- to help you cope with lymphoma.

Information & Resources

What is Lymphoma Philippines?

Registered under the Philippine Stock Exchange and Commission (SEC) as a non-profit organization, with the name, Lymphoma Awareness Philippines Inc., we founded this organization to give back to the Filipino community that also helped us with our Lymphoma journey.

SEC Company Reg. No. 2022030044863-19

TIN No. 608-474-394-000

Jheric Delos Angeles

I was diagnosed with Stage IV Anaplastic Large Cell Lymphoma in 2015 and was declared cancer-free in 2016. I co-created this group to help other Filipino Lymphoma patients, in the best way possible.

Anna Tapel-Delos Angeles

I was with Jheric, my husband, all throughout his Lymphoma journey and have experienced and witnessed the struggles of being a family member of a Lymphoma patient. I co-created this group to help Lymphoma patients and their caregivers in coping with the disease.

Lymphoma Community

Meet other Filipino Lymphoma patients and survivors

Get inspiration from the strongest people we know!

A worldwide network of Lymphoma patient groups

How can you help?

For the past six years, we have supported many Filipino Lymphoma patients in a number of ways.